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Susan Cucuzza is executive coach and founder of Live Forward LLC. She coaches executives on leadership style, emotional and social competence, the intentional change process, succession and career planning, and performance management. She applies her passion and philosophy of authentic and holistic leadership.


Listen to weekly coaching minutes to get tips, techniques, and inspiration for leading your team. Coaching Minutes stem from years of experience working with leaders like you to provide meaningful insight and direction for solving real problems.

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Give Others Positive Energy

“Shine bright like a diamond…” – by Rihanna.  One of my favorite forms of exercise is Jazzercise. One morning in class, from the front of the room, I happened to look all the way to the back to find a…

What if I Don’t Want a Management Role?

Up is not the only way. Career success can often happen right where a person is. Too often, organizations seek to promote top performers from individual contributors into managers. And the role just isn’t the right fit for them. The…

Live Out Your Passion – What Are You Waiting For?

I’ve recently been in conversation with a few people, one of whom is retirement-eligible and afraid to retire. When I asked her about her fear, she said that she would not know what to do. This is not the first…

The Mindfulness of My Singing

As I watched the conductor, I sang to the best of my abilities and nothing else mattered except delivering beautiful music to the audience. As I reflect on this, I realize how mindful performing music is. I would bet that…