Give Others Positive Energy

Give Others Positive Energy

“Shine bright like a diamond…” – by Rihanna.  One of my favorite forms of exercise is Jazzercise. One morning in class, from the front of the room, I happened to look all the way to the back to find a new face. She may have been in class for just her first or second time. As often happens, this beautiful woman was shyly standing in the back of the room behind everyone else. But oh, how her energy shined! I don’t know if she realized it, and how her positive energy could have been so impactful had she let it shine forward. How about you? Do you realize that your smile and energy are contagious? Do you also know that your negative energy is also subtly felt by others, too?

Being a coach of leaders, I appreciate the way Richard Boyatzis describes the science behind this in Neuroscience and the Link Between Inspirational Leadership and Resonant Relationships. I truly believe that the way we bring ourselves to our relationships, from the inside out, has a tremendous impact on the important people in our lives.

As you move forward in your leadership – will you carry yourself with positive energy or drain the energy out of your team with negativity? The choice is yours.

“So shine bright tonight, you and I. We’re beautiful like diamonds in the sky. Eye to eye, so alive. We’re beautiful like diamonds in the sky.” – from “Diamonds” – Rihanna

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