The Mindfulness of My Singing

The Mindfulness of My Singing

As I watched the conductor, I sang to the best of my abilities and nothing else mattered except delivering beautiful music to the audience. As I reflect on this, I realize how mindful performing music is. I would bet that the mindfulness part is what contributes to so much enjoyment of performing. When we are most mindful, we create memories.

While on stage, there is no time or space to think about my “to do” list for tomorrow or how well the rest of my day went. It is not about wondering how I look on stage. It is all about being in that very moment of performing, giving every bit of my attention to the present moment, my music, the words, the notes, the diction, the tempo, the orchestra. It is about that final live performance that I and my fellow choristers have been working so hard to prepare for.

What is an important event for YOU that requires every bit of mindfulness? Take some time and think about one thing in your life that requires your undivided focus of attention for a period of time. Commit to making that on ongoing part of your life. It may be a short periodic event such as giving an important presentation. It might be the one hour a day that you sit down with your child after school to focus completely on them. It may be knitting that beautiful sweater, one of many that you do. It may be the walks that you love to do several times a week in nature.

Mindfulness is life changing, and you may practice it more than you realize. Find those moments.

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